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Rehabilitation in the Christian Way

Proverbs 20:1 Wine is a mocker, strong drink a brawler, and whoever is led astray by it is not wise. Drug use is leading to substance abuse. Consequently, drug abuse is damaging to both physical, cognitive, and behavioral aspects of a person, transforming him from someone with wisdom to someone unwise.

Drug dependent people are treated through drug rehabilitation, the processes of medical and/or psycho therapeutic treatment for drug dependents. Its primary purpose is to assist the patients in ceasing the addictive use of drugs to preclude negative psychological, social, and physical consequences. Mainstream addiction rehabilitation programs are primarily based on psycho therapeutic treatment.

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With Christian Drug Rehabilitation programs, the type of intervention involves bringing in the Christian principles as part of the treatment process. Christian Drug Rehabilitation centers encourages addicts to open up to God, to themselves and lastly to the people they love in time of crisis. Instead of being frightened by being judged, the patients feel more open at sharing their experiences and emotions because they know that the people that surround them share the same belief with them and are supportive of their cause.Overview of Christian Drug Rehabilitation

Christian Drug Rehabilitation properly integrated with medical intervention has been proven to have improved the rates of recovery from addiction. It allows a  Christian to have his faith as important as his recovery. With the Christian faith, reconstruction of the patient’s identity, values, and interpersonal relationships becomes easier, thus, making the journey of Christian Rehabilitation a more successful treatment over traditional systems in the mainstream.

Christian Drug Rehabilitation frameworks capitalize on an organized understanding of the causes of addiction that includes the Christian interpretation of addiction as a “sin of the flesh” and the a mytho-magical embodiment of drugs and addiction in the Christian metaphor of “battling the demon.” In the Christian faith, there is a principle for restraint and abstinence through the conviction that the body is the temple of God.

The principles of forgiveness, dedication, and redemption catalyze the rituals of self-inventory, confession, self-forgiveness, amendment, and service, eventually leading to the reconstruction of one’s identity, values, and interpersonal relationships.  Forgiveness, dedication, and redemption are major Christian principles employed in a Christian drug rehabilitation program. While forgiveness guides the recovering addict in seeking pardon from those they have wronged, this is also key for self-forgiveness. Meanwhile, dedication to a Christian living is the same as commitment to one’s goals of overcoming drug addiction. While forgiveness and dedication is a longer process to achieve and fulfill, redemption is key to holding on through the program. The belief that Jesus Christ loves everyone and has redeemed everyone, even the addicts, is very important in the patient’s emotional stability. This belief shall help him regain self-respect, self-esteem and the motivation to move on and overcome the challenges of the rehabilitation journey.

The goal of achieving purity of self-invitation to reach out for resources and relationships beyond the self, disengagement from harmful relationships and habits, and involvement  in a community of shared belief are main purposes of the Christian Drug Rehabilitation program.

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