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Christian Based Drug Rehab

Calvary Ranch

  • Calvary Ranch, a place of new beginnings.  Calvary Ranch is a 24-hour live-in facility for drug and alcohol recovery nestled in the hills near San Diego, CA.
  • Calvary Ranch is like no other program you may have tried before.  Since its founding, this spiritually-based programs has been used as a powerful instrument of God, dedicated to reaching the devastated lives of those bound by alcohol and drug, bringing hope, healing and a meaningful purpose to their lives.
  • Calvary Ranch has the reputation of being one of the most successful recovery programs in the country.  In more than 30 years of service, it has helped thousand of people from all over the world gain victory over their addictions, change their lives, and reunite wit their families.

Celebrate A New Life

  • Celebrate A New Life is a California Christian Residential Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Center, located in the coastal communities of Orange County Southern California. Our faith-focused mission is to minister the love of Jesus Christ to the least, the last and the lost.
  • With so much hope on the line and God desiring only the very best for us, it seems as God has preordained the Hope by the Sea Residential Treatment Center as our center of operations.  As an integrated component of one of the very best drug treatment centers and alcoholism rehab programs in the United States, Celebrate A New Life culminates a Biblical Christ centered approach to healing, restoration, and reconciliation to God, family, and to one’s own dignity and self-worth; in a comfortable safe ocean environment.

Clarity Way

  • Clarity Way is a medically supervised premier holistic drug treatment and alcohol rehab facility. Our drug rehab facility specializes in individualized drug treatment programs catering to clients battling all levels of drug and alcohol addiction, from detox to aftercare. Each client is evaluated medically and psychologically upon admission to our drug recovery center. The treatment team designs a drug rehab program specifically for each client. Successful addiction treatment consists of a blending of treatment modalities and styles.

Drug Alternative Program

  • Our calling is pulling men from the abyss of chronic drug use and restoring families.
  • In 1987, we embarked on our spiritual calling and founded DAP.  Drug Alternative Program is a faith based rehabilitation center.  A calling: because we both have dedicated our lives to helping men break free from their addictions while preventing others from starting.

Heartland Women’s Recovery Program

  • We are an 18 months, Christ-centered, residential recovery program for women ages 18 and older with drug and/or alcohol related issues. During the 18 months, ladies attend weekly church services, which are held Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, and Wednesday evenings. Each lady is given monthly Bible studies and scripture memorization. We truly believe that Jesus is the answer.
  • Perhaps the most unique part of our program is that ladies who come here are provided a full time job (30-40 hours weekly) from the time they enter until they graduate. The ladies are paid minimum wage and are paid bi-weekly. This provides a way for them to pay for the basic cost of their weekly program fees of $175.00, which is deducted from their paycheck. The remainder of their paycheck is deposited into an account here and may be accessed for paying bills, court cost/fines, and personal needs. If and when they graduate from Heartland they are entitled to the balance of their account. And there is also the opportunity for them to stay after graduation and continue on with their new life while keeping their job or be provided with a job where their experience may be beneficial with housing included.
  • Lauren Hendrickson, Intake Director, (660)284-6360

House of Hope Recovery Services

  • We are a Christian-based substance abuse treatment facility for adult men who are struggling from an addiction to drugs, alcohol or prescription pills.
  • Our emphasis is on a relationship and dependence on God, through Jesus Christ and powered by the Holy Spirit for true change.
  • We are a Licensed and Certified treatment facility located in Southern California. The facility itself is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood in a comfortable home like setting.

Freedom Women’s Center

  • The Freedom Women’s Center is a faith-based, non-profit, residential discipleship/recovery program for men with life-controlling problems, including (but not limited to) drug and alcohol abuse. Our current population is 12+ women.
  • Entrance into our program is voluntary, although we accept men who are court-ordered to our facility. In either case, the men are free to leave the program anytime they choose.  We would notify the authorities if they were court-ordered.

Los Angeles County Teen Challenge

  • LA TC is an induction facility, and has both a men’s and women’s center and a Thrift Store. Induction Phase for both the men’s and women’s home is about 4 months.

Malibu Horizon

  • Malibu Horizon is the leading, secular, non 12 step, drug rehab alcohol treatment center in California. They offer a state of the art, individualized approach to drug alcohol treatment. Every client is treated with absolute dignity and respect. Their program provides clients with the opportunity to participate in their own recovery. They are treated for all the issues, not just the alcohol or drug abuse. Some people seek a traditional hospital environment, or a facility affiliated directly with a particular religious faith.

New Life Spirit Recovery

  • At New Life Spirit Recovery we’ve combined authentic Christianity within the framework of a professional, clinical environment. This allows us to offer a program that assures top-notch quality of care without compromising the integrity of God’s truth. Our comfortable housing is located at a separate location, offering a place of retreat and relaxation for rest, meditation, reflection and homework projects. It is in walking distance to the beautiful beaches of downtown Huntington Beach, CA –  a popular retreat area in Southern California.

Pacific Hills

  • At Pacific Hills, we provide a unique, cost-effective alternative to the traditional treatment of substance abuse. We specialize in the treatment of adults struggling with Co-Occurring / Dual Diagnosis issues and multiple relapses, while we emphasize the spiritual aspects of recovery in both Christian and Traditional 12-Step based programs. We offer a gender-specific curriculum in separate men’s and women’s facilities. We offer the full continuum of care through our Residential Inpatient, Transitional Care, Day Treatment and Intensive Outpatient programs.

Pajaro Men’s Center

  • The Pajaro Men’s Center is a faith-based, non-profit, residential discipleship/recovery program for men with life-controlling problems, including (but not limited to) drug and alcohol abuse. Our current population is 30+ men.

Rescue Mission Alliance

  • The Rescue Mission Alliance is a Christian Non-Profit organization ministering to the needs of the less fortunate in Southern California through emergency and long-term rehabilitation services.
  • The Rescue Mission Alliance has served the homeless for more than 38 years. It has grown from the first location on 6th Street in Oxnard to multiple locations in four counties throughout Southern California. Several distinct programs are offered at multiple locations, which provide a total Continuum of Care for addressing the needs of the hungry, homeless, and destitute.

Sacramento Valley Teen Challenge

SVTC oversees four residential Christian discipleship centers for men, women, and children with life-controlling problems. We work with adults 18 years of age and over, with no maximum age.

Discipleship Centers

  1. Alpha Henson Women’s Center – The Alpha Henson Women’s Center can care for 30 women for the full-length of the 13-16 month program. Women are sent here after completing the probationary phase at the Twin Rivers Crisis Center. The center sits on 20 acres outside of Lincoln, California in a quiet and peaceful setting.
  2. Twin Rivers Crisis Center – This center is the beginning place for women to enter the SVTC program. Women stay here for 4 to 6 weeks before being transferred to the Alpha Henson Women’s Center to complete the 13 to 16 month life-training program. Women who could not find any safe placement for their children while in the program are able to bring them into the center to live with them. These women and children can stay the entire length of the program at this center. Pregnant ladies are also able to get help at this center and stay the entire length of the program here. This center is able to care for a maximum of 26 women and children at a time.
  3. Sacramento Crisis Center for Men – This center is the beginning place for up to 16 men desiring to enter the SVTC program. They stay here for 4 to 6 weeks before being referred to the New Life Training Center in Sacramento, or any number of other Teen Challenge centers across the state or country.
  4. New Life Training Center for Men – The New Life Training Center is a full-length center which cares for 20 men at a time who are referred to it from the Sacramento Crisis Center. Here the men will complete the 13 to 16 month live in program.
  5. Redding Contact Office – The Redding Contact Office is a Referral and Outreach office where men and women can be interviewed for the Teen Challenge program and referred. There are also many community services and outreaches which work out of this office that focus on those with life-controlling problems.

San Francisco Teen Challenge

  • Teen Challenge is a non-profit organization established to outreach to men, women, and teens that suffer from life controlling issues. Here at San Francisco Teen Challenge, we offer anyone that comes to us a fresh start in life. No matter what the problem is (drug abuse, alcohol abuse, aggressive behaviors, legal issues, sexual abuse, etc.) we here at Teen Challenge will do what it takes to help you.

San Joaquin Valley Teen Challenge

  • We are a faith-based discipleship ministry for men age 18 and older with life controlling problems.  Using proven Teen Challenge methods and curriculum we provide an intense 12-16 month residential program of Biblical instruction in a structured and caring environment.  We also strongly encourage students to take advantage of the GED tutoring provided.  Students are mentored, often by Teen Challenge graduates who fully understand the path to recovery.  A variety of work opportunities and farming projects allow students to learn job skills and prepare for future employment, while at the same time, contributing financially to their own recovery.  An optional six-month re-entry program at the Dennis Whitman House in Turlock is available to provide housing assistance and career planning to students as the re-enter the workforce.

Seasons Recovery Center

  • We believe that individualized, one-on-one sessions are the most effective addiction treatment available today. We also believe that if we can help our clients to dig down and discover the root cause of their addiction, that we will put them on the road to long lasting sobriety once and for all.  We have successfully treated many clients who had been in as many as 10 different treatment programs before ours, who now have years of clean and sober time. We create relationships with our clients that are not based on their good behavior, but on our long term shared commitment to sobriety. With this steadfast commitment and long term holistic approach, our clients get the support they need to create real and long lasting sobriety.

South Coast Recovery

  • Alcohol rehab or drug rehab in Orange County can be costly, but at SouthCoast Recovery we offer the same exclusive components you would find at other elite alcohol treatment and drug rehab centers at a fraction of the cost. SouthCoast Recovery is a warm, inviting place with residential homes in scenic Dana Point, California, just minutes from Laguna Beach. Our staff members have over 100 years of combined experience in alcohol treatment and drug treatment and most have made the same journey to recovery you will.

Straight Street Men’s Center

  • The Straight Street Men’s Center started out in 2002 as a Turning Point Outreach, involving support groups meeting at local churches and in public auditoriums as well as providing Jail Ministry to help those who were not able to be in one of the Teen Challenge Centers. In January 2005 they found a permanent home to reside and operate out of. Now capable of housing up to 40 men, they still continue to minister through the avenues they started with. The Center is located in Eureka, California and a perfect place to reach men that are helpless and lost in the Humboldt, Del Norte, Trinity, Lake and Mendocino Counties.

Teen Challenge South California

  • The TCMI mission is two-fold:
  • Train students to serve the Teen Challenge ministries in Southern California and around the world in entry-level positions.
  • Train students to work in the harvest field of the nation’s inner cities.


  1. Kern County Teen Challenge -Bakersfield – Both the men’s and women’s centers are residential induction centers. The induction portion of the program is designed to last 3 months. The induction center is phase one of a two phase, year long program. While in the program the student will attend class, complete regular assignments, and participate in spiritual and work-related activities.
  2. Inland Empire Teen Challenge – Upon successful completion of the 3-4 months Induction Phase at one of regionally located centers, male students are sent to our long-term residential training center in Riverside, California. This part of the program is 9 months plus a four month internship served either in TC or in the student’s community at a local church. The change from a busy environment in Induction to a more focused environment is essential to bringing about a whole life change. Chapel services, Bible studies and a general work experience programs are held daily. Through cooperation with the local school system, it is possible for a student to complete his high school education or acquire a GED diploma
  3. Orange County Teen Challenge – Orange County Teen Challenge has two locations; the headquarters is located in Santa Ana, and an outreach center in San Juan Capistrano. The Men’s home, afterschool learning center, and re-entry home are located in the city of Santa Ana. The outreach center in San Juan Capistrano is modeled after the Santa Ana location and its outreach operations mirror the outreach programs that take place in Santa Ana.
  4. San Diego Teen Challenge – For over two decades San Diego Teen Challenge operated in borrowed and rented facilities. This all changed in 1996 when an abandoned 23,000 square foot former medical facility was purchased to serve as the permanent home of San Diego Teen Challenge. The property had potential and 100 parking spaces. In addition, it had broken windows, graffiti, rubbish and rodents. What it did not have was plumbing or electrical wiring. A great financial deal was struck and the remodeling process began. A volunteer group called RV Maps was a chief factor in the renovations. Generous churches and individuals came forward with various gifts.
  5. Ventura County Teen Challenge – Teen Challenge is a 12-month residential program for women eighteen years of age and over. Upon completion of the four-month induction phase located in our Los Angeles or Kern County facilities, the women are brought to our Ventura Women’s Home for the remainder of eight months. Chapel services, Bible studies, and general work programs are held daily. It is also possible for them to receive their high school diploma or GED certificate through the local school district.

Teen Challenge NorwestCal – Nevada

  • Teen Challenge NorWest Cal/Nevada was started in 1961 in San Francisco and was legally incorporated in Northern California in 1964. The purpose of Teen Challenge is to help people who have life-controlling problems and initiate the discipleship process to the point where the student can function as a Christian in society. The Teen Challenge approach is to teach a whole new way of living by addressing family relationships, work attitudes, self-image and esteem, peer pressure, addictions, social issues, community relationships, and a variety of other life skills. Teen Challenge endeavors to help people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.


  1. Alum Rock Women and Children’s Center has been successfully operating in San Jose since 1971.  This residential recovery center is for single women, pregnant women, and women with children.
  2. Asbury Family Center is a residential recovery center where children can stay with parents during their parent’s rehabilitation.  This is one of the only Teen Challenge Family Centers in the nation where children do not have to go to foster care, which is traumatic to both parents and child.
  3. Reno Adolescent Boys’ Center we invite boys to discover who they are, what they are made of and what are they destined for. We teach and challenge them to know and live from their deep heart, understand what makes them come alive and discover the passions that God has instilled in them.
  4. Oakland Men’s Center – The Oakland Men’s Center has been in operation since 1967 and serves the whole Bay Area.  It is located at 2221 90th Avenue, Oakland and houses 38 men.  This center provides men with a live-in program offering vocational training and the foundation to live a life free of drugs and crime.
  5. Vallejo & Sonoma Men’s Centers recently opened their doors and are now a part of Teen Challenge NorWestCal Nevada. These programs provide residential recovery to men ages 18 and over; from all ethnic, socioeconomic and, religious backgrounds.

Well Ministry of Rescue

  • The Well Ministry of Rescue was established November 1, 1993. We minister to men who have a substance abuse problem and/or living skills problems. The only requirement is the desire to change their lives, and agreeing to abstain from the use of alcohol, drugs, and tobacco.
  • Residents are required to participate in five 12-step meetings a week, various Bible studies and all other ministry functions. Our program focuses on anger/stress management, family reconciliation, relapse prevention and other aspects of recovery, as well as spiritual principles of enrichment.

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