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Faith Based Drug Rehab

Concordia Lutheran Ministries

  • As a CARF-CCAC accredited Aging Services Network, we take pride in the wide array of healthcare services we offer in the western Pennsylvania community.  Our continuum of care includes adult day services, assisted living, home care, hospice services, rehabilitation services, retirement living, skilled nursing/short-tem rehab, and medical equipment capabilities.  In everything we do, “we put our Faith in Caring.”

Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries

  • Diakon Lutheran Social Ministries: Many Hands, guided by One Heart, transforming the lives of children, families, and older adults. Through diverse programs ranging from senior living services to adoption, from counseling and home care to youth services, our charitable mission is to serve our neighbor, regardless of faith, with gracious hospitality and care. Since 1868, we’ve been one of the nation’s larger social ministry organizations.

Meier Clinics

  • Outpatient Counseling – Typically meeting once per week one-on-one with a therapist, outpatient counseling is specifically geared toward helping individuals, couples, and families address the concerns and hurts that are affecting them emotionally, relationally, physically and spiritually.  Our licensed professionals help individuals and families deal effectively with issues and move forward in life through the development of individualized treatment plans.  Time and time again, clients find the restoration they are seeking through the Biblically and psychologically sound use of action plans, improved methods of communication, boundary setting skills, and solutions to mending damaged relationships

Peniel Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

  • Peniel Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, is an intensive, inpatient rehabilitation program that works to effectively treat men and women eighteen years of age or older who suffer from chronic substance abuse.
  • The Peniel Biblically-based treatment model absolutely works by serving a dual purpose. The first is to facilitate an environment in which clients can grow spiritually and learn Biblical principles that they can apply to their daily lives. The second purpose is to teach clients practical methods that support their sobriety and encourage healthy alternatives that are contrary to old habits and behaviors.

Power (Pennsylvania Organization for Women in Early Recovery)

  • POWER offers a full range of gender-responsive, trauma-informed treatment and support services to women who are experiencing problems with alcohol or other drugs. Our unique continuum of care is designed to reflect the lives of women. Programming addresses issues like social stigma, trauma, physical and gynecological health, parenting, relationships, self-esteem, and mental illness — all within a gender-specific framework. POWER’s focus is on client strengths and we believe that empowering women leads to healthy families and strong communities.

Renewal Inc.

  • Renewal, Inc. believes in the positive integration and rebuilding of offenders by offering education, job readiness, counseling, community service, opportunities for drug and alcohol/mental health treatment, as well as social readjustment by redefining life goals and values. The program promotes work release opportunities, assists in the recovery process, increases accountability and reduces recidivism with the assurance of promoting public safety. The program is also cost effective for the taxpayer and a safety valve for the criminal justice system.

St. Joseph Institute

  • St. Joseph Institute offers a superior path to recovery for adults struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. We use proven methods of addiction treatment and state-of-the-art techniques combined in a faith-based, holistic approach that heals the whole person – body, mind, emotions and spirit. Most importantly, our program is very personalized.  All of our counseling and therapy is one-on-one, enabling participants to focus on the individual issues and needs that underlie their addiction.

Teen Challenge Men’s Program – Philadelphia

  • Philadelphia Teen Challenge opened in 1964. Our program serves men and women, 18 and over from all ethnic, socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. We believe that there is hope for recovery for every individual who is bound with life controlling problems such as an addiction to drugs or alcohol by establishing a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe there is hope even when all other methods have not worked.

Teen Challenge of Western PA – Rural Ridge

  • Teen Challenge of Western PA opened its doors in 1971 as Pittsburgh Teen Challenge. In 1974, after 3 years in a too small facility on the North Side of Pittsburgh, the center relocated as Teen Challenge of Western Pennsylvania to the present 14 acre property purchased in 1972 from the federal government for $20,000; the facility was the abandoned, burned out, gutted and vandalized former NIKE missile site.

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