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 Christian Drug Rehab

Agape Family Ministry

  • Agape’s name offers a summary of its founding, derived from Greek. It translates to “UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.” It is one of the first Faith-Based Substance Abuse, Mental Health Residential Treatment Facilities, and Community Health Centers in Miami. The incorporation of spiritual health into the healing process is what separates AGAPE from other organizations.  Expanding its services beyond its residential facility; today, the AGAPE Network is a comprehensive integrated health care system that treats the whole person and family.
  •  Other partners in this venture include Community Health of South Florida (CHI), Citrus Health, and others with over 200 sites throughout Florida serving more than 320,000 patients per year. HCN and its national partners are helping to create a regional network that will link providers, hospitals, clinics, laboratories, pharmacies and public health institutions. Ultimately, this will improve quality and consistency of care, tracking, sharing, researching, continuous quality improvement and reporting best practices in successful patient/client outcomes.

Bridging The Gap

  • Bridging the Gap (BTG) is a private organization established to provide a program of recovery for men and women affected by chemical dependency. Our programs are grounded in the Twelve Steps as well as tried and true, evidenced-based approaches to counseling and therapy. Our clinical staff of masters-level therapists have years of experience in the field of addictions.
  • The mission of Bridging.  The Gap a Florida drug rehab and alcohol treatment center is to provide the highest quality individualized drug treatment and alcohol rehab services in Florida at an affordable price.
  • Bridging the Gap drug treatment centers Florida offers addiction rehabilitation programs proven to successfully transform an individual from a life controlled by addiction to a clean, sober, and recovered life.

Central Florida Men’s Center

  • Teen Challenge Central Florida Men’s Center at Sanford is designed to help men ages 18 and older address the drug and alcohol problems that are ruining their lives and then give them the opportunity to begin again.

Christian Florida Rehab Center

  • For some people suffering from drug addiction seeking help from a traditional drug treatment facility will yield positive results. However for a person seeking a more spiritual approach to treating drug addiction a faith-based drug rehab center can be the answer to everyone’s prayers. With the guidance support and assistance of a Christian Florida rehab center a person can permanently beat drugs and adjust to a sober life.
  • An individual enrolling in a Christian Florida rehab center can expect to receive drug treatment and programs offered in an environment which is safe and conducive to healing. The right environment is essential to the healing process and will have a direct impact on how well an addicted person responds to treatment and whether or not rehab will be successful.

Christian Treatment Center

  • The Christian Treatment Center was established to Restore the Spiritual Aspect to Recovery. We accept and embrace all denominations.
  • Our only requirement for enrollment in our 12 step program is a struggle with drugs or alcohol and the willingness to accept Jesus Christ as part of the solution throughout your substance abuse treatment plan.
  • We are a Christian-based treatment program comprised of a community of addiction counselors and caring professionals who are committed to the healing mission of Jesus Christ.  We are passionate about building a network of recovery in the lives of individuals, families and communities affected by drug and alcohol addiction and related diseases. Our Christian rehab center and Twelve Step model of care treats the whole person and offers the Gospel values as the foundation for abundant life mind, body, and spirit.

Faith Farm Ministries

  • Faith Farm Ministries is a free, 9 month, faith-based, addiction recovery program with residential services for more than 400 men and women who have lost control of their lives due to alcohol and/or illegal and pharmaceutical drug addictions.
  • FIGHTING ADDICTION… IT IS EVERYONE’S BATTLE!  This has become the Faith Farm Ministries Motto! Everyone knows someone … has loved ones, friends, siblings, parents, children, co-workers and/or neighbors that suffer from addiction. Addiction is an epidemic!

Florida Integrity Training

  • Assist the incarcerated, addicted, homeless, brokenhearted, and recently released in transitioning back into society through our comprehensive “100 hour” curriculum program;  Train and provide ministry leaders for our small group sessions; Provide our printed materials free-of-charge for our recognized group sessions; Maintain records of client progression through the program and provide certificates of completion; make our printed materials available to individuals and other groups who may benefit from them; and provide guidance for new and existing ministries.

Genesis House

  • Genesis House is located in beautiful Palm Beach County Florida and is a private family style recovery center. Our facility sits on five lush acres of manicured lawns, towering pines, and coconut palms. We have a small number of treatment beds that helps the new client develop a bond with their peers, counselors, and staff. Genesis House has been in operation for 15 years offering quality Addiction Treatment and Mental Health services to our community. Genesis House Recovery Residence Inc. is a registered corporation within the State of Florida and licensed by Palm Beach County and the Department of Children & Families to provide substance addiction treatment.

Heartlight Ministries

  • Heartlight is a year-round therapeutic boarding school that helps troubled teens begin living a more fulfilling and less self-destructive lifestyle.
  • Heartlight provides a safe and loving environment for teens with full-time watchful car, ongoing counseling and mentoring, along with therapeutic activities and school studies.
  • Heartlight also provides free help to parents find other therapeutic boarding schools if Heartlight is not the right program for their teen.

Integrity Way

  • Integrity Way offers Christian drug rehabilitation through Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center, a supportive substance abuse treatment center. In addition to their standard drug addiction and alcoholism treatment program, Transformations has a Christ-centered approach to substance abuse treatment that clients at Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center can choose to help them overcome their substance abuse issues and lead a sober lifestyle. Christian drug treatment has proven to be a highly successful form of substance abuse treatment and the staff at Transformations Treatment Center is very proud of the program they have put together.

Lakeland Girl’s Home Teen Challenge

  • At Teen Challenge Lakeland Girls Home we see renewed and rejuvenated hearts, restored families and relationships, and victories each day. We see faces change from depression to pure joy. We see the excitement in the spirits of our students as they realize the abundant life they will have before them as they see the dreams they have for their future can come true. In our home, self-esteem and the knowledge of who they are in Christ elevate, and the self-destructive habits fall away.

Lakeview Health Systems

  • Lakeview Health Systems is a specialized Christian substance abuse track that emphasizes the role of Christ and Christian values in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction and maintaining sobriety.  Lakeview Health Systems’ Christian recovery program incorporates the best evidence-based practices of our treatment program with Christian spiritual teachings to provide a solid foundation for recovery.
  • Lakeview Health Systems understands that any type of spirituality can help aid in recovery, including various religions. However, we have developed our Christian track in order to treat those individuals who have a special interest in Christianity.

Mission Unity

  • Mission Unity is a tax exempt organization that operates residential facilities for single adults who have become homeless as a result of substance abuse and addiction.
  • A safe, stable, sober, supportive group setting for persons who express a commitment to complete abstinence from substance abuse and recovery from addiction. Mission Unity does not attempt to directly provide professional substance abuse counseling.


  • The Mission was a God-given vision 41 years ago. God wanted to have His own place to minister to individuals suffering from addictions. These individuals were not only emotionally and physically bankrupt but spiritually empty.
  • The Mission has always placed an emphasis on the spiritual aspect of the 12-step program. Understanding that without God a man will never have peace.
  • The Mission always stands for integrity, believing that we must rely on God for our financial support and our complete guidance. Our men are required to get a job immediately rather than applying for government assistance. By going this route a man learns to trust God very early in the program, while his self-esteem grows.

Pensacola Men’s Center

  • Pensacola Teen Challenge Men’s Center offers assistance to adult men ages 18 and older who are struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism and other life controlling issues. We are a highly structured and disciplined Christian discipleship program that helps men build integrity, character, strong family values, and dedication to church and community.

Pensacola Women’s Home

  • The Pensacola Teen Challenge Women’s Program is designed to assist adult women age 18 and above with life-controlling issues. The residential faith-based program is 12 months in length (minimum), and provides pastoral counseling, Christian education classes, sound structure and discipline, and opportunities to gain work-related skills.

Promise Land Ministries Lighthouse

  • Promise Land Ministries Lighthouse is a church dedicated to serving Christ through local home missions. God has called us to be many things to many people. We are a fellowship of like-minded believers seeking to further the Kingdom of God by meeting people’s basic practical needs. Currently, we do this through our handyman and lawn care service, emergency food bank, and our rehabilitation, transitional housing and shelter facility. We believe in the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and proclaim this message in all that we do.

Refuge Ranch

  • The Refuge Ranch, Inc. was birthed out of a 17 year relationship with Dunklin Memorial Church, Inc., which has operated a drug regeneration ministry for adult men since 1962. Fred Beeson, the founder of The Ranch, has been involved with Dunklin since 1989 and has completed both the Servant Leader Training program and the Inner Healing Training program.
  • The ministry exists to provide a home environment and community for women trapped in chemical addiction and their families so that they can be healed and delivered by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For this reason the ministry is Christ centered

Solid Rock Christian Ministries St. Petersburg

  • Solid Rock Christian Ministries is breaking out of the traditional church. We believe in the word of God and standing firm. We are seeing the broken healed and the addicted set free on a regular basis. We are believing in the miracles of our LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. We are no longer hindered by the four walls of the church. Solid Rock is dedicated to serving the community  through feeding programs, Christian recovery treatment, outreach, and evangelism. As we share the gospel to the church, community, and now on the Internet we are believing for the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear, and the dead to rise.

South Florida Davie Women’s Home

  • Teen Challenge South Florida Davie Women’s Home is a Christ-centered, 12 to 18 month residential recovery program for women with life-controlling behaviors and addictions.

South Florida Treatment Center

  • Florida Christian drug treatment programs not only help Christian substance abusers, but also welcome others from any religion or walk of life. Having the knowledge and power of God’s love has been another important weapon for a person fighting back against drug addiction. The road to healing and sobriety is paved with temptations and evils, but with the power of Gods help an addict can resist and give up a life of drug use and be happy and complete once again.

South West Florida Men’s Center

  • Teen Challenge is a 12-month, faith-based, residential program for life-controlling behaviors and addictions. We provide character education classes, counseling, and job skills training. At Teen Challenge, individuals can break free and stay free! It is our longing to see lives rescued and turned around forever. This is the time.

SW Florida Teen Challenge Adult Women

  • Teen Challenge programs for women provide a one-year residential training program for women ages 18 and over with life-controlling problems. While in the Teen Challenge program, each woman will learn how to turn to God and be honest with herself. She will experience inner healing and learn to trust others again. We have designed a program to help break the cycles of failure, substance abuse and addiction by focusing on coping skills, social and relational skills and work ethics.

Tallahassee Men’s Center Teen Challenge

  • Teen Challenge is the beginning process of God’s grace, in healing and restoration to the individual as well as the family. Our heart is to see life transformation one person at a time and to help nurture the new beginning that God has given to an individual with love, compassion and integrity. We believe that Christ is the key ingredient to change and have a successful life.

Teen Challenge Jacksonville Men’s Center

  • At Jacksonville Teen Challenge, you will find caring people who seek to reach those in needs with the sincere love of God. Our program is comprehensive in nature, and is designed to address not only addiction, but also the deeper life issues, which often lead to such problems. The journey to freedom started when you entered our website.

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

  • Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is a formidable substance abuse rehabilitation facility located in Delray, Florida.  The center provides clients with secular drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, but provides a specialty in Christian treatment methods.  The services offered through Transformations deals with more than thirty different forms of drug addiction (prescription or illicit), as well as chronic alcohol abuse.

Transformations Treatment Center

  • Transformations Treatment Center offers four different addiction rehabilitation programs proven to successfully transform an individual from a life controlled by addiction to a clean, sober, and recovered life. We have found that offering a variety of treatment options gives individuals the opportunity to explore what is most personally effective.

Vero Beach Boy’s Ranch

  • Teen Challenge of Vero Beach is a 15 month residential program. There will be several opportunities throughout the students’ stay for the parents to come receive instruction and counseling in Christian parenting. It is required that parents attend a minimum of three sessions. We believe in not only helping each young man find wholeness, but reconciliation with his family as well. These “Family Days” are also wonderful opportunities for loved ones to see our campus, meet our staff and fellowship with other families in similar situations.

Wellington Retreat Center

  • Our Florida Rehab program at our Wellington Retreat provides a comprehensive biopsychosocial spiritual treatment program which includes all services necessary to treat addiction and psychiatric disorders. Florida Rehab has a top priority and it is to thoroughly understand what the patient is experiencing and to develop a treatment plan based upon medical research and knowledge which can then help the patient return to a healthy, productive, contented life. We offer luxurious living facilities that make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.

West Florida Boy’s Ranch

  • At West Florida Teen Challenge we place the priority on developing a relationship with Christ, one that is relevant to the times and culture of a teen. Our twice-weekly chapels are hallmarked by contemporary worship and extended periods of time for prayer. Our evenings are occupied with character growth studies and group Bible discussions. Please don’t hesitate to call us or arrange for a visit. We pray God will direct your steps in this difficult decision-making time in your life as a parent.

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