North Carolina

Christian Drug Rehab

North Carolina

Albemarle Teen Challenge

  • Albemarle Teen Challenge provides Christian Crisis Counseling/Pastoral services on a non-residential and residential basis. Our Women’s residential program is a place where hurting women can come and pursue healing for various life controlling problems such as substance abuse for a 12-15 month period. We offer drug prevention seminars through our “Stay Sharp” program.

Bethel Colony of Mercy

  • Looking for a free (except for a minimal entry fee) drug and alcohol rehab with a faith-based approach using the Bible and Christian principles in counseling? Then, Bethel Colony of Mercy, located in North Carolina, is the place for you. With only an entry fee of $300.00, Bethel Colony is a 65-day residential program that teaches victory over sin through Jesus Christ and the Bible.  This is done through classroom teaching, audio tapes, counseling both at the Colony and online, homework, worship services and work projects. Our program is designed to provide a vital context in which men are encouraged to know Christ personally and to understand the practical outworking of the Word of God in meeting every need.

Fellowship Hall

  • There’s a place in the gently rolling countryside of North Carolina where what  some call a miracle is taking place everyday in the lives of alcohol and drug addicted individuals and their families seeking recovery from this disease. FELLOWSHIP HALL is that place.
    A private, non-profit specialty hospital committed to helping people who suffer
    from alcoholism and drug addiction.

Greater Piedmont Teen Challenge

  •  GPTC seeks to provide a Biblical, faith-based solution to the drug epidemic.  We are a residential discipleship program designed to help young men ages 18 to 45.  The men come from a wide variety of backgrounds and circumstances such as the streets, prison, courts, broken homes, etc.  Our program is divided into three phases:  Orientation, Transformation and Graduation.  Graduation is determined by an evaluation process that considers grades, behavior, growth, motivation, sincerity, cooperation and personal effort.

Teen Challenge of the Smokies

  •  Teen Challenge of the Smokies ministers to adult males, but we can help find a center for you if you need assistance with a woman or a teen. We minister and disciple adult males caught in alcohol and drugs, as well as eating disorders, depression, victims of sexual abuse, and other addictions. Students will live in the Teen Challenge home and attend Bible studies, chapel, events, and Sunday School. They will be carefully mentored by our loving staff. When students have completed the one year program, they are considered graduates.

White Deer Run of Altoona

  • White Deer Run Treatment Centers’ caring and professional staff is available at all times to assist you and your loved ones in obtaining rehabilitation services and guidance for drug addiction and alcoholism. Let us help you as we have helped thousands of others who have alcohol and drug problems….call for help and experience a life change.

South Carolina

Faith Home

  • Faith Home is a Christian rehabilitation center for alcoholics and drug addicts. It is based on the fundamental belief that the solutions to problems caused by drugs and alcohol can be found through faith in God.
  • The program is simple, yet it is the answer with the majority of cases.  A man or woman is provided with a separated life for eight weeks, close to nature, and away from unsettling influences.  By studying and working with others like themselves, they can begin to understand the basic truths of life and why they have faltered along the way.

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  1. Martin R Maurer says

    My name is Martin R. Maurer and I have a story of success in recovery. By the Grace of God I have over 8 years clean & sober. I am available to speak at rehabilitation centers, schools, youth groups, churches, recovery centers etc… I also have a degree in Applied Science Human Service/Substance Abuse and a NC state certification as a Peer Support Specialist. In case you guys hear of a facility that needs a living proof speaker that recovery is possible.. I’m your guy. Please take the time to visit my website complete with before & after photos. Thank you. anything is possible. God Is Good!!

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