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Christian Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Christian Farms Treehouse, Inc.

  • Christian Farms Treehouse is a non-profit corporation governed by a volunteer board of directors. We provide a therapeutic program using the principles of Christianity and the standard 12-Step program.
  • We are a State Licensed Residential Treatment Program.
  • We serve chemically dependent adult men and women, including pregnant women and women with children.
  • Our mission is “To mend broken lives and families while leading chemically dependent people to recovery by providing counseling, education, and aftercare planning in a safe Christian environment that allows for spiritual growth.”

Eternal Awakenings

  • Eternal Awakenings Christian Drug Rehab, set in a Gonzales, Texas historic mansion, our Drug Rehab Center provides a beautiful, serene atmosphere conducive to spiritual reflection and Christian Recovery. By applying Christian principles, our faith-based rehabilitation program helps people effectively overcome the destructive power of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • Our Christian Drug Rehab has helped 100’s of adults from all over the country overcome alcohol and drug addiction. Unlike secular rehabs, our Christ-centered rehab focuses on healing of the mind, body, and spirit through Christian Recovery.

Humble House

  • Humble House is a Faith Based Christian ministry and Life Center. We help recovering addicts and alcoholics to get back into a productive, successful life. We not only believe in recovery, but we believe in complete restoration. That restoration comes through faith in Jesus Christ and by learning how to tap into the Spiritual resources that are available to every Christian believer. Humble House is built on a Grace foundation and serves as a light of hope to the surrounding community.

La Hacienda

  • La Hacienda is dedicated to serving the needs of alcohol and chemically dependent individuals and their families. With over 35 years as a highly reputable treatment facility, we also focus on working closely with referring professionals to ensure the most effective and successful solutions to recovery. Whether you are: an individual seeking help, a concerned loved one seeking help for a family member or friend, or a referring professional, it is our goal to provide you with the information, tools, and programs you will need to make recovery a reality.

Mark Houston Recovery Center

  • is open to men of all faiths and denominations. This peaceful, scenic center is devoted to supplementing initial drug rehab or alcohol rehab treatment, serving as a safe long-term residential educational retreat fostering deeper level recovery of the spirit.
  • The Mark Houston Recovery program is open to adult males who have completed detox/rehab treatment and to those with chemical dependency relapse history. The daily routine embraces a 12 Step focus combined with practical applications of universal spiritual principles for success in daily living.

Memorial Hermann

  • Memorial Hermann has a long history of being in the forefront of the integration of spirituality in the delivery of medical and mental health services. The Prevention and Recovery center has a truly unique integration of spirituality into the delivery of chemical dependency treatment. The Spiritual Care Program at the PaRC provides the opportunity for all of our patients to develop and nurture their spiritual growth as they are engaged in treatment for chemical dependency.

Mission Waco Manna House

  • Mission Waco’s Manna House is a healthy and unashamedly Christian home setting with a treatment component for adult males who are alcohol/drug dependent. We are an innovative, unique and holistic model of alcohol and drug treatment. Manna House was a true pilot program that incorporated Christian principles with secular treatment provisions. Their strengths, weaknesses and problems are addressed through an individualized master and phase appropriate treatment plan, individual and group counseling, Bible studies, church, community 12 step meetings and case management

The Right Step

  • For more than a decade, we have existed for one purpose: to help people with substance abuse and chemical dependency issues achieve sobriety, obtain tools for change, and begin to experience meaningful lives.  The Right Step is committed to partnering with clients and their loved ones to educate, treat, heal, and support each individual as they begin to rebuild their lives. Throughout our industry and within the community, The Right Step continues to be a leader in and major contributor to transforming individuals’ lives. Our Mission is to provide the highest quality, affordable, state-of-the-art addiction treatment in a caring atmosphere.

Shiloh Mens Ministries

  • Shiloh Ministries is a one-year, residential, discipleship, Texas Drug Rehab, Bible training program established in 2000 by Rocky Fondren for men 18 years and older who are coming out of and being delivered from an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol as well as other types of abusive lifestyles.
  • Here at Shiloh we have prepared ourselves to receive these men in an environment of love and discipline. Our staff works diligently to provide an atmosphere where clearly-defined expectations are tempered with nurturing love. We insist that our students put away the childish things that make for irresponsible and rebellious behavior and, by instruction in righteousness, help them to walk through life in the power and dominion they have been given as a new man in Christ according to God’s Word.

Spirit Lodge

  • Located on a private 8-acre plateau with panoramic vistas of the rolling hills outside Austin, TX, Spirit Lodge helps men and women struggling with alcoholism or substance abuse reclaim their lives. Our highly personalized drug rehab and alcohol treatment program assesses and meets the unique physical, mental, emotional, family, and spiritual needs of each client. That is because we recognize that there is no such thing as a typical addict.

Stonegate Center

  • is a residential treatment center for chemically dependent adult men. As these men arrive at our center, we look forward to getting to know them as we address both their clinical needs as well as the deeper issues of the heart from a Christian worldview that is rich in both relationship and grace.
  • Drug addiction and substance abuse disconnects people spiritually, and restoring the spiritual facet of our lives in recovery tends to produce very good long term results. The power of spiritual transformation has proven to be an effective remedy for overcoming addiction, especially when there is a personal relationship with our Maker. Secular recovery programs set up a similar “spiritual” path, based on a core set of principles and a “higher power,” but these principles are best exemplified in a life-changing experience of accepting the life that Christ has to offer– the inner change that was so successfully illustrated in the foundations of Alcoholics Anonymous.

StraightWay Training Center

  • The StraightWay Training Center in Hungerford, Texas, located 35 miles southwest of the Houston Metropolitan Area, is a residential therapeutic, non-sectarian, Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, founded in 1975 by Director David Kirschke.
  • SWTC has been for over three decades the only program of its type to provide treatment for whole families, unwed mothers, single parents with children, and single adult males and females.
  • The structured environment of a Christian therapeutic community offers the best context in which people can resolve their problems and start a New Life by providing a practical platform for success!

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  1. Carmen Davis says

    Looking for a Bible based facility for drug dependancy set free by the Word of God thru Jesus Christ, Not a drug induced program. Looking for at least a 6 month program.

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